Our Team

Our Team

The HairHub team consisting of hair transplant technicians and support staff.


Muli Musyoka I.A.T

The First I.A.T Certified Trichologist in East and Central Africa. He is a member of the international association of trichology (IAT) and a member of The Africa Hair Society.

Muli Trained as a hairdresser in Kenya and later enrolled as a Trichology student with IAT in Sydney, Australia. He later trained on brand development, branding and communication strategy in South Africa. He also studied designing strategy for a competitive edge in the London School of economics.
He has given numerous lectures in International Trichology forums in Houston Texas, Hobart Tasmania, Melbourne, Canada, Washington DC and is the most internationally recognized trichologist from Africa. He was recently featured in a book called Hairy Tales that covered the top 54 Trichologists globally.


Dr. Dindi Keith

Dr. Dindi Keith is dedicated to providing his patients with the best possible care. We at HairHub are focused on helping you.

Trained at the Moi University School of Medicine and at the International Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, (IACSAM) in Pune India. He was the first surgeon to perform FUE hair transplants in the region.
With a keen interest in the field of Hair Restoration, and with a particular focus on transplant surgeries among African patients, Dr. Dindi is an avid painter and brings his natural artistic skills to the discipline of hair restoration seeking to help clients achieve a natural, satisfactory result.