The consultation process at Hair Hub.

Evaluation of hair loss is done through extensive consultation with our trichologists. We value time with the client and aim at making so much out of our 30-45 min consultation while still ensuring that our clients are comfortable and at ease to talk about their hair. We schedule our clients for consultation on appointment basis so that every client is given ample consultation time. Through the trichologists’ expertise knowledge and approach, the client is assured of a definite diagnosis, prognosis as well as the most suitable therapy management. Consultation involves several stages some of which depend on the specific clients concerns and requirements.

History taking. Hair and scalp conditions happen over a period of time from one day to many years. At Hair Hub every client’s hair loss history is taken with great precision and utmost keenness, allowing for ample time to elicit the clients concerns in every consultation. Our trichologists listen to every hair loss journey, deducing key symptom markers to aid in diagnosis and management.

Physical evaluation. At hair hub, every consultation encompass a physical evaluation of the hair and the scalp, a process referred to as trichoscopy. The hair is magnified under a trichoscope, allowing for easy visualisation of singular hair strands and a close view of the scalp.

Investigation. However hair loss and scalp conditions at times go beyond the scalp surface and the hair strands and affect the follicles buried in the dermis. When this occurs, the trichologist discusses biopsy with the client. A biopsy involves taking a few follicles from the affected areas of the scalp, and sending them for histopathological analysis.

Diagnosis. The process of consultation concludes with a definite and accurate diagnosis of every client. Here at Hair Hub we believe that every individual is unique in every way and should be involved in the entire diagnostic process. Our trichologists therefore engage each client in discussion at every stage of consultation, addressing their concerns, allying their fears, managing their expectations as well as providing necessary information on the diagnosis narrowed down to, management of the condition and the expected prognosis.

Confidentiality. Just like hair loss is a process so is hair restoration something our clients are sensitized about during consultation. More so, Hair Hub ensures that our clients’ history, investigations and diagnosis is kept confidential, safe and available for perusal throughout the hair restoration process.

Follow up. A consultation at Hair Hub marks the beginning of the journey towards hair restoration, which we walk hand in hand with the client. Constant follow up calls and reminders are part of our follow-up program after the initial consultation.

Many have enjoyed our unique, warm approach and satisfactory consultation that have seen them restore their lost confidence through proper diagnosis, treatment and psychological support as well.

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