Hair Folic Man – Hair Growth Supplement.

Hair Follic Man is a supplement balanced with a combination of vitamins, minerals, and bio-active
nutrients. The tablets provide micronutrients including biotin, selenium, and zinc, which contributes to
the maintenance of normal hair.
Hairfollic Man also includes the exclusive Trichologic Amino-lignan complex. Hairfollic Man delivers its
benefits via the bloodstream directly to the hair roots and has been formulated on the basis of the latest
scientific research.
Each hair follicle is a highly active metabolic "factory"; requiring oxygen, energy and protein synthesis to
maintain normal healthy hair.
Hairfollic Man has a proprietary combination of selenium and zinc which contribute to normal hair, plus
lignans, amino acids, and grape seed extract proanthocyanidins.
Hairfollic Man also provides other important nutrients including copper which contributes to normal
hair pigmentation.

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